Products that your customers will choose.

It’s a great concept, isn’t it? Products that sell themselves. At Aqua Systems, we engineer our equipment and back it up with comprehensive warranties and programs so it’s really a true statement rather than an empty claim. That’s because we want to give dealers like you an edge, The Aqua Systems Edge.

Innovative product features differentiate them from the crowd
In the world of water treatment systems, customers may have a hard time telling one brand from another. Not so when you offer Aqua Systems products. For example, the exchangeable component system on our SmartChoice™ series water softeners is like none other we’ve ever seen. Our Patented Eradicator uses no chemicals as it effectively removes rust and odor from problem water. Truly unique features like these give you an edge over your competitors – and increase your bottom line.

Partnering with your manufacturer means we’re in it together
Whether you carry just one Aqua Systems model or everything we offer, you are our partner. We’re here to work toward your success. We’ll listen to your needs and see how best our products and programs can help you move product out your front door and keep your customers coming back to you in the future.


Giving you an edge at three different levels

We find our customers love that we give them choices – how to shop, whether to rent or buy, bottled water or pure water at the tap. We think the same is true in our relationships with our partners, and that’s why we offer three ways for you to partner with us.

Preferred Partner

This is a great way to start a relationship with Aqua Systems. Select the products you would like to carry, and we’ll deliver them to you.

Exclusive Partner

Once you are comfortable with our products and find your customers like them the best, it could be time and you may qualify for our proprietary product line. As an exclusive partner, you can do just that but keep the name of your existing business.

Branded Partner

At Aqua Systems, we’ve created a retail system where customers come to you during the day. You no longer have to make sales calls in their homes at night or on weekends. Customers will come to your showroom for their initial purchase and will be back to buy salt and bottled water at a convenient drive-thru.

Call us soon to discuss the details about how we can give you business.